“If you want to be the noun, first do the verb”

This “newspaper blackout” poem by Austin Kleon really struck me when I saw it this morning.


Austin Kleon is a creative soul that currently hails from Austin Texas. He originally burst on the scene with his unique method of leveraging the reservoir of words available in the newspaper, with the crude editing capability of a sharpie marker. The results can be very insightful, and sometimes convicting. I, at least to a certain degree, consider myself a “photographer”. But if I want to “be the noun”, I also need to be willing to “do the verb”. Doing the verb includes not only shooting the photos, but editing, organizing, publishing and other activities, all of which can amount to real work. As I write this, there is a pro beach volleyball event within sight of my apartment. This is a great opportunity to get some close up shots and add some unique images to my portfolio. If I want to be a photographer, I need to go shoot some photos.

And, while I don’t necessarily consider myself a writer, If I aspire to that (and I guess I do), I have to write. Maybe more on that later.