My Gear

On this page I’ll be featuring the equipment I use for photography and my drone videos. Right now I’m just featuring affiliate links to Amazon, but I will be adding my personal reviews and tips, as well as unboxing videos and other information. If you click over and purchase, I will be making a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate program which will help fund this site and the creation of more content. If you enjoy what I’m producing and intend to buy anyway, I would appreciate it if you buy through these links. If you want want to give feedback or have any questions, just post your comments and I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion. Thanks for following my creative pursuits here at

My latest drone is the DJI Mavic Pro and I love it:

I’m not using a DJI Spark, but at it’s price range, it’s the best drone in the market. Also very portable:

I’m using the Canon 7D which has been discontinued so I’m providing a link to the new and improved 7D Mark II