Kevin Kelly, co-Founder of WIRED Magazine – Fascinating


I’m been listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast during my commute. While I’ve jumped headlong into podcasts, Tim’s has emerged as one of my favorites. He interviews some really interesting people, and his articulate, engaging interview style makes for entertaining and informative episodes. I’ve been jumping around between his most recent shows and some of his “classics”. The description of Kevin Kelly’s interview caught my eye so I listened to it recently. He really is one of the most interesting people I’ve heard lately. His background is fascinating and he has a real gift for drawing you in and connecting you to his story. I found myself relating to many of his experiences, both in my own history as well as views and perspectives I’ve developed more recently.

I would encourage you to listen to Tim’s three part podcast which you can find here:

I was also surprised to hear that Kevin Kelly was featured on the very first episode of “This American Life” (even before it was called This American Life). You can find that episode here:

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