Feeling Old

I’ve had three experiences lately that have brought home the undeniable fact that I’m getting old. In December of last year, my daughter Tara turned 30. I know that 30 is some sort of aging milestone, especially I suppose for women, but it certainly puts her father’s age in perspective.


Now, as you can see, my daughter looks quite young (she’s the one on the right, with my wife Teresa on the left). Which brings me to the second recent event that highlights my age. My daughter and I were buying lift tickets at a ski resort in Japan. I realized that there was a discount for those age 55 or above. The Japanese, being literal as they many times are, called this the “old” discount. Not “senior”, or “silver haired”, or “wise”, just “old”. They happily gave me my “old” discount, and I asked for a second adult ticket. The clerk looked at my daughter with a puzzled look. “How old are you?”, she asked. “thirty”, “thirteen?”, “no, thirty”. Well, we have now established that I easily qualify for “old” and my daughter has a hard time convincing someone in Japan she doesn’t qualify for the junior discount.

Incident number three. My son Austin just got engaged to his lovely girlfriend of three years, Sarah.


He’ll be 23 in a couple of months. I was 23 when I got married. (see that young thing by my side?)


Time marches on. We get gray, sag here and there, and wrinkle. Yes, I’m getting old but I can’t help but feel that I still have some rich experiences ahead. I guess I can live a bit vicariously through my kids and other young people I’m in relationship with. And while I am slowing down, life is good and I have someone by my side that really “gets” me like no one else. I’m thinking old isn’t so bad.

How to “Fascinate”


James Altucher’s podcast interview with Sally Hogshead “How to Fascinate”

James Altucher is another podcast host that interviews a wide variety of interesting people. This episode featured Sally Hogshead who has a unique view on personal branding and considers personality from the perspective of how others perceive us and the implications of that. If you find yourself resonating with her approach, take 10 minutes or so to take her online personality test at howtofascinate.com. The code for a free evaluation is “james”.

James Altucher’s website

I took the test, here’s my report

Kevin Kelly, co-Founder of WIRED Magazine – Fascinating


I’m been listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast during my commute. While I’ve jumped headlong into podcasts, Tim’s has emerged as one of my favorites. He interviews some really interesting people, and his articulate, engaging interview style makes for entertaining and informative episodes. I’ve been jumping around between his most recent shows and some of his “classics”. The description of Kevin Kelly’s interview caught my eye so I listened to it recently. He really is one of the most interesting people I’ve heard lately. His background is fascinating and he has a real gift for drawing you in and connecting you to his story. I found myself relating to many of his experiences, both in my own history as well as views and perspectives I’ve developed more recently.

I would encourage you to listen to Tim’s three part podcast which you can find here:


I was also surprised to hear that Kevin Kelly was featured on the very first episode of “This American Life” (even before it was called This American Life). You can find that episode here:


My commute


I’ve had the privilege of living in Yokohama Japan for the last 2 1/2 years. One benefit has been the opportunity to experience a really beautiful, modern and clean city. Another benefit is about 3 hours a day commuting by foot and train which affords me a tremendous opportunity to enrich my mind by ingesting podcasts. This has been a life changing experience.

Repurposing my site to a WordPress blog

After registering my domain “lennysharp.com”, I initially used it as a portfolio site as I developed my photography skills. I’m shifting it over to a blog and will attempt to “share my art” in multiple forms. I will continue to share photos, but I want to use this as a platform to express myself in my writing as well as to share what I’m learning through reading and listening to Podcasts. I hope to accumulate enough useful content here that it will become a destination for likeminded individuals. I hope you join me on this journey.